Black Lightning: Tony Isabella On Guest Heroes (Including Static) Black Lightning: Tony Isabella On Guest Heroes (Including Static)
Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella offered some opinions about guest heroes on the CW TV show. Black Lightning: Tony Isabella On Guest Heroes (Including Static)

iDigitalTimes has what we think was a their own one-on-one interview with Tony Isabella at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention. At the convention, it came up that Isabella, who created Black Lightning for the comics in 1977 with artist Trevor von Eeden, will be doing a new Black Lightning comic book series, and the writer also shared some thoughts on the TV show, including when it comes to guest heroes.

“We talked about that, not that I have any say in it,” Isabella said when asked about connections to the larger “Arrowverse” – something he seems to imply that he thinks should wait.

“I said early on, ‘You know I’m a little tired of Black Lightning being subservient to other characters. I don’t like him teaming up with Batman and Superman. They pretty much give him orders.’ We could always change it later on,” he said, at one point adding that when the show was at Fox, he suggested finding a way to cross over with Lucifer.

Isabella is also seemingly not too big on the idea of a Static Shock appearance. “It was frustrating when people say, ‘I can’t wait to see Static in there’,” the writer admitted. “Static is a great character, but you put him in Black Lightning, he’s a sidekick, or you reduce Black Lightning to just a mentor role. I love both characters, I mean, I love Black Lighting more.”

He is, however, cool with some lower-level DC characters — particularly Black Lightning’s Outsiders teammate Metamorpho… though it sounds like he’s also good with the idea of the character in his own project.

“I got to tell you, I love the idea of Metamorpho at some point in the future,” Isabella said. “I love the character. I’m trying to convince DC that some of their b and c characters, they don’t necessarily have to do them themselves. I know a studio like Asylum, they would love to do a DC or Marvel superhero, but their budgets are not Warner Brothers budgets. But Metamorpho you could do. With the technology to do Sharknado, you could do Metamorpho.”

You can read the entire Tony Isabella interview here.

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